Les Précommandes

In May 2019, when I launched my first collection 100% pre-order, it seemed obvious to me... and yet! The fashion industry, the second most polluting in the world, is not really keen on this kind of system.

Decades wasteful.
For decades, fashion behemoths have been producing producing... to satisfy ever-increasing and ever-recurring demand. Result ? These same behemoths find themselves with impressive stocks of clothing... and very worrying for the environment, to the point that some brands are now burning their remaining stock. (a bit much) Absurd? We agree.
So I decidedto do things differently.

The desire to change the things.
At, each new model is available for pre-order: we only launch in production what you have ordered !
Result? No idle stock, and no waste. We love fashion... when it makes sense!
When one of our pieces becomes a Best-Seller, we allow ourselves to produce it in small quantities, because we are sure to Spend it quickly!

And concretely, how does it work?

The pre-order pieces are made by our independent seamstresses and our small workshops, in France.
The delivery time for a pre-order piece is 2 to 6 weeks . This lead time may vary from one part to another, as not all parts are made in the same places.

The delivery time is indicated on each product page, above the button. blue purchase "pre-order".