Word from the designer

Mot de la créatrice
Meaningful and creative.
These are the two values ​​that have driven and Paris since the beginning of 2018,
date on which the project was born.
Today, I am very happy to introduce you to the first collection.
* Take pleasure in what I give my all for *
That's what Paris gives me on a daily basis.
Designing a garment is not just designing it: behind the anonymous silhouette of the fashion sketch hides each of you.
Thus, questioning and understanding the women around me, in order to anticipate their desires and give them a reality, is an integral part
of my creative process.
Thanks to all these first muses for their valuable advice!
To go into all the details of the history of and Paris would take far too long...
Touch the pieces, wear them, love them...they will tell you all about it
better than me!
See you soon,