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    Ordered red jumpsuit simply perfect, the finishes are superb. Elegant, dressy and of quality, she is incredible!
    Delivery on time without any problem. Thanks again!


    A passionate designer who listens to us and wants to please us! And then this little box that tells us the name of the person (Gilles 👏) who made the dress! That's absolutely brilliant!
    Thank you Juliette


    Always very happy with my purchases, the originality and quality of the items and the professionalism of Juliette who remains close to her customers despite her success!


    For the 5th time I am ordering on the Et Paris website and still satisfied with my purchase (2 dresses) Your collection is wonderful, just like you girls. You are very professional and always attentive. Above all, don't change anything. See you soon for a new order.


    And Paris: a timeless Parisian brand.
    Quality items made in France with an adorable designer.
    Don't change a thing.